The Synod's Green Team works to help all pastors, congregations, and individuals within the synod care for God's creation as an outgrowth of faith.  

God's original purpose for the humans in the garden (Genesis 2:15) is that they 'till it and keep it;' another translation might also be to 'serve and protect' it.  Clearly, in these days of climate change, resource depletion, pollution, and species extinction, we have much work to do.  And, given that these threats are most dire to the poor and vulnerable of the world, Jesus' command to love our neighbor as our own (Matthew 22, Mark 12, Luke 10) clearly calls us to act.  This isn't a partisan political issue.  It's a faith issue.
The Green Team meets via zoom, and our ongoing goals include:
  • A seasonal newsletter with tips on how to care for creation, book reviews, inspiring stories, advocacy opportunities, and notable sites within the synod
  • Occasional gatherings and events
  • Support for congregational green teams and groups
  • Educational presentations
  • Connection with creation care groups outside the synod (Lutherans Restoring Creation, Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Pennsylvania, etc.)
  • Maintaining and updating the team's Facebook page (NEPA Green Team)

If you have questions about the Synod's Green Team or would like to join one of our meetings,
please contact Pastor Paul Metzloff at or Pastor Inge Williams at