Licensed lay ministers (LLMs) serve their congregation in a variety of ways.  Some serve when their pastor or deacon is away.  Some serve during a pastoral transition or long-term vacancy.  Others serve as one of the 6 LLMs in a 6261 Ministry Community. 


What is a Licensed Lay Minister?

Expectations of Licensed Lay Ministers

Licensed Lay Ministry (LLM) Formation Path


If you are ready and interested in applying to the LLM formation path, click the button below and complete the application online.

Interested? Have questions?

If you are interested in learning more or potentially participating in the LLM formation path, please fill out this brief information form:

You can also email Pr. Jira Albers, the LLM Director at  Let him know your current congregation along with your interest in the LLM formation path or any questions you might have.

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