Our Mission

The Faith Formation Resource Team of the Northeastern PA Synod affirms the diversity of God’s people while supporting and equipping the baptized along their faith journey and helping them apply Lutheran theology to all aspects of church and daily life.

Team Members

Cheryl Statham – Convener
Deacon Marlane Druckenmiller
Marlene Werkheiser
Ed Jones
P. Scott Paradise
P. Roger Timn
Deacon Joy Gerhart
Tina Johns
Samantha Johns
Scherelene Schatz

Resource of the Month for October

October Resource of the Month

God in America:  How Religious Liberty Shaped America is one of the DVD’s in the Resource Center that is especially appropriate in the current social conflict over faith and politics.  A joint project of PBS’s American Experience and Frontline, this is a three-disc set with each disc being 2 hours long.  Appropriate for adult bible studies or personal study, this is a serious look at religion’s place in the history of our country. 

Resource of the Month for September

The November 2022 election day is right around the corner and it threatens to be a time of upheaval and, possibly, violence. How are we, as people of faith, to help our congregations stay focused on Christ in the midst of division and hatred?  Two DVD’s in the Resource Center may help.  “God is Not a Republican or Democrat” was done after the 2004 election, and explores how the issue of “moral values”  is a key factor dividing the country.  “God in Government” is a one-hour video produced by the Independent Product Fund in 2004, that explores the current relationship between religion and politics.  These items and many others may be borrowed from the Resource Center for up to one month.  Please check out these resources and more on the synod website.

Resource of the Month for August

Traditionally, August is the month for churches to plan for the upcoming school year, for all of their children no matter what their ages.  The Synod Resource Center can help.  The Center has curriculum for students of all ages, from pre-school through high school, that you may look at before making a final decision.  We have the Spark House Frolic series for pre-school to early elementary.  This series contains a group of board books for the very young and books for the next step, grades first through third.  The Center also has all of the materials from the Spark series, Whirl, Holy Moly, and Connect for grades first through sixth.  Thinking about confirmation?  The Center has materials from Colaborate, Reform, Animate, t.b.d. (think, believe, do) as well as the Here I Stand curriculum.  They are all here for you to look at, which may help you decide which one is for you.  Check out our on-line catalog or come visit the Center in person at the Synod office.  We are here to serve you. 

Resource of the Month for July

The Faith Formation Resource Team has been bringing you a different resource every month that may be found in the synod Resource Center.  This month, we want to lift up a resource that you can subscribe to for yourself – the Gather magazine, a publication of the Women of the ELCA.  It is published six times a year, and offers a variety of devotions, articles, and bible studies to increase your knowledge and your faith. Please consider subscribing to this worthwhile addition to your spiritual life.    

Resource of the Month for May

This month we are highlighting a book from the Synod Resource Center, “Lutheran Questions, Lutheran Voices:  Exploring the Christian Faith”, by Martin E Marty. The book is done in a questions and answers format, covering subjects such as the Bible, Lutheran History, God, the Holy Spirit, Worship, the Sacraments, and more.  This resource may be found in the Clergy section of the Center.  This and many more resources may be found at the Resource Center or in the online catalog.

Resource of the Month for April

This month we are highlighting the Lutheran Voices Series.  The Center has 35 separate books, by different authors and theologians, on a wide variety of subjects.  They include:  Reclaiming the “L” Word, Signs of Belonging, Ending Poverty, Open the Doors and See All the People, The Holy Spirit, Lutheran Identity, and American Destiny and the Calling of the Church.  All of the books are concise, compact works that will engage you to think about your faith and its place in the world.  Simply check out the on-line catalog to see the entire listing.  The synod Resource Center contains hundreds of resources for individuals and congregations that may be borrowed at any time.