full-time pastors

6  licensed lay ministers

1  full-time deacon

. . . bound together in common life, ministry, and mission.

By 2028, we hope to have 120 interconnected congregations, formed across 20 unique 6261 Ministry Communities who are rooted in Scripture and worship, and embody Jesus Christ through active engagement with their neighbors and loving service that addresses the needs of their community.

What is a 6261 Ministry Community?

A 6261 Ministry Community is a partnership weaving 6 congregations together through shared leadership, ministry, and life.  We recognize the challenges of calling one pastor to one congregation.  We recognize the need for deacons to serve in our congregations and communities.  We recognize the unique character each congregation can offer in its unique setting.  6261 Ministry Communities seek to uplift the gifts of each congregation through a shared leadership model which encourages collaborative ministry and community engagement.

The goal is that each 6261 Ministry Community will be bound together in common life, ministry, and mission.  For many, this is a cultural, paradigm shift.  Leaders work in co-partnership with one another and across the 6 congregations for the purpose of deeply rooted, shared ministry within the community.

Whether you are a congregation interested in learning more or joining a 6261 Ministry Community; a pastor or deacon discerning a call to a 6261 Ministry Community; or a lay minister sensing a vocation to serve in a 6261 Ministry Community - this is the place to start!


Each 6261 Ministry Community will be comprised of 6 congregations


Pastors and Deacons

There will be 2 full-time pastors and 1 deacon serving each 6261 Ministry Community


Lay Ministers

Each congregation will uplift a lay minister so that there will be 6 LLMs serving the 6261 Ministry Community



6261 Ministry Projects

Each 6261 Ministry Community will be share at least one primary ministry project.  This might look like Healing the Hurts by addressing issues of poverty, mental health, food insecurity, affordable housing, or racial inequities.  It might mean Engaging the Stranger by focusing on truly welcoming young people, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ communities.  It might involve Loving the Land by working on green initiatives, reducing our waste as congregational institutions and as individuals, or by connecting our rural communities with more creation-friendly methods of farming.  Whatever the passion and contextual need, a 6261 Ministry Community can commit to this profound work for the sake of the Gospel and one another.

Join Northeastern PA Synod's Bishop, Chris deForest and Deacon Kat Tigerman, Director For Evangelical Mission, as they share more information and inspiration behind two new initiatives to help congregations go and grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ during these challenging times.

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