Studies reveal that most churches are aging and shrinking! As we and our active church folks age, the average age of our congregations increase. Eventually, due to death, conflict, or happenstance, our numbers decline.

We are not left powerless in the face of these daunting realities. Growing Young is a resource that explores 6 Core Characteristics of Jesus-Centered communities that are actively involving and retaining people of all ages, especially 15-29-year-olds. Through listening, reflection, discernment, and experimentation, Growing Young gives us the framework and support to make lasting and life-giving changes within our congregations so that we don’t get in the way of what God is already up to in our communities.

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A Growing Young representative can come to your congregation and provide a presentation during your worship service, council or ministries team meeting. You will learn about Growing Young and what resources are available to your congregation to utilize.

Contact Stacey Burke at to schedule a presentation

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A time to gather with a community of individuals looking to live a Jesus Centered lifestyle and take the Growing Young image in action

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Resources & Helpful Material

Caring for Gen Z in a Post Pandemic World

A presentation on new data from Springtide Research on the needs of young people who are trying to navigate life in a post-pandemic world. Presented as a partnership between the ELCA, the ELCA Youth Ministry Network and Springtide Research.

Fuller Youth Blog Posts

Find helpful resources and tips on topics relating to mental health, young adult ministry, leadership and much more.

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Examples of Prioritizing Youth & Young Families Everywhere​

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Contact Stacey Burke, Growing Young Coordinator at to begin the process of Growing Young within your congregation