On The Beat and With the Word: Join the Movement of God

We know deep down that God was, is, and will be on the move in our world. Nothing can stop the Spirit of a creating, dancing God. These days, however, it feels that the steps change quickly, the music and rhythm seem erratic, and we do not know how to follow along.

How do we know what steps the Spirit is taking next? How do we lead others during this time? Join us as we explore the past, present and future of the movement of God in our world, in our congregations, and in our lives.

Our hope is to discover a rhythm and learn a few new moves along the way!

Program developed by The Center for Congregation Health (www.healthychurch.org)

Host Site: Americus Hotel, 555 Hamilton St. Allentown, PA 18105

The Americus Hotel has been recently renovated, and we will be one of the first groups using their spaces. Experience spacious accommodations with a modern art-deco style right in the middle of Allentown. Relax, laugh, and have some good-natured fun with progressive trivia on Monday night.

Your registration fee covers one overnight (unless you are commuting) three meals (Monday dinner-Tuesday lunch), program, conference space, AV needs, valet parking, Monday evening entertainment, and more.

Cost:    $295  Single Room
             $230  Double Room
             $150  Commuter

Time: 1 pm Monday – 4 pm Tuesday

Deadline to Register: October 21