Stewardship – Mission Support

Stewardship Resources

“I will bless you—so that you will be a blessing.”

The 2003 Synod Assembly of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod adopted Blessed to be a Blessing as our stewardship approach for the coming years.

Blessed to be a Blessing is designed to open our eyes to our blessings and to help us grow in our grateful response to God’s abundant love. The goal of Blessed to be a Blessing is to ground us in a biblical understanding of stewardship.

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Mission Support: Doing What Matters to God

Mission support (previously known as benevolence) describes the portion of weekly offerings given by your congregation that is shared for synodical and churchwide mission and ministries beyond the local congregation. These offerings provide more than 76 percent of the resources that are used to fund the mission and ministry that we do together in partnership.

Mission is a broad term used to describe all the ministries of this church, not just those involving ELCA missionaries who work with our Lutheran partners around the world. Mission is carried out in our neighborhoods as well as across our town and across the globe.

Support is the portion of members’ offerings that makes all synodical and churchwide ministries possible, here at home and abroad.

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