Mission Support

12assemblylogocmedMission Support: Doing What Matters to God

Mission support (previously known as benevolence) describes the portion of weekly offerings given by your congregation that is shared for synodical and churchwide mission and ministries beyond the local congregation. These offerings provide more than 76 percent of the resources that are used to fund the mission and ministry that we do together in partnership.

Mission is a broad term used to describe all the ministries of this church, not just those involving ELCA missionaries who work with our Lutheran partners around the world. Mission is carried out in our neighborhoods as well as across our town and across the globe.

Support is the portion of members’ offerings that makes all synodical and churchwide ministries possible, here at home and abroad. When your congregation designates a portion of your weekly offering to be set aside for Mission Support, what do those dollars do? In this video, hear from Rev. Margaret Payne, ELCA Director of Mission Support, as she highlights three stories of ways your Mission Support offering is making a difference in the ELCA. Also, remember that a portion of your Mission Support offering stays here at the synod to help ministries here. Why not take a look at some of these ministries by clicking on “Mission Support Brochure” on this page.

Our financial generosity is an expression of our love for God, for our neighbor and for ourselves. We are new people in Christ: compassionate and eager to share. We do God’s work in ways that no individual, congregation or synod can do alone.

Ways to Encourage Mission Support

Helping your congregation increase their understanding of how they are touching the world can be accomplished by hearing stories that will connect them with the different ministries they are supporting. The resources below can help keep your congregation excited about how God is changing and impacting people’s lives.

“Where Does Your Offering Go?” Video

2016 ELCA Mission Support Video

Stories of Faith in Action

Follow this link to read stories of faith in action around the synod and across the ELCA.

The ELCA also has a resource, Stories of Faith in Action 2017-18, that tells the story of how your offering is put to work by the ELCA churchwide office throughout the United States and around the world. There’s an accompanying guide to the resource, Four Ways to Use “Stories of Faith in Action” in Your Congregation.

ELCA Global Church

You can use the  ELCA Global Links newsletter to raise awareness of ELCA Missionaries, Young Adults in Global Mission, International Leaders and Global Ministries.

Mission Support Brochure

Use this colorful brochure to share stories with your congregation about ministries of the synod funded with Mission Support giving. Print copies of this brochure for your congregation and share this link to the brochure in your worship bulletins and newsletter. Already printed copies in brochure form are available from Georgia  Suranofsky georgiasuranofsky@hotmail.com.


Bulletin Inserts

You can use these bulletin inserts to communicate during the year how the congregation’s Mission Support giving is being used. Northern Berks Community GardenSt. John Windish VBSHope’s TableMission Support insert. Helping Hands in Kentucky insert, Hot Dog Ministry in Bethlehem, Women’s Resource Center in Montrose, Backpacks for ChildrenBear Creek Camp Confirmands, M.A.D. H.O.P.E Summer Youth Program, Trinity, Wernersville Honduras Mission Trip, God in a Parking LotA Returning Marine at Seminary, and Grace, Reading Back to School Giveaway. Additional bulletin inserts are available on the ELCA Stories of Faith in Action page.

Download a helpful “Fact Sheet” for use in your congregation.

Download a customizable “Thank You For Your Support” bulletin insert.

Download and customize the new Mission Support bulletin insert (Word Document or PDF) with your congregation’s 2017 giving. This insert says “thank you” and shares how congregations throughout the Synod are helping make a difference here, around the USA and globally.

Spreadsheet to Demonstrate Your Congregation’s Mission Support at Work

piechartYou can make up your own spreadsheet that will help your congregational members understand how your congregation’s mission support contribution is used. Once you have downloaded the spreadsheet, enter the dollar commitment figure for your congregation for 2018 in the spreadsheet under the first tab. Then click on the other tabs to see how your contribution is allocated to different synodical and churchwide ministries.

Mission Support Form

Mission Interpreter Program

The Mission Interpreter Program provides resources and training to active members of local congregations of the ELCA who tell stories of how people’s lives are changed through the ministry we do together.

Mission Interpreters tell the story. They are making Christ known by sharing the excitement of our global and churchwide mission and ministry with their own and other congregations.

For information about the program, contact Georgia Suranofsky by email or call 610-703-0638.