Mission Interpreters

goodnewsMission Interpreters: A Story to Tell

We have a story to tell: How the Holy Spirit works through the congregations and institutions and programs of this church body to accomplish God’s will!

Mission interpreters tell the story. They are making Christ known by sharing the excitement of our global and churchwide mission and ministry with their own and other congregations. Click here to find some ELCA video of Stories of Faith in Action.

Mission interpreters are active members of local congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America who tell stories of how people’s lives are changed through the ministry we do together.

We would like to see and hear about your stories. Please go onto our Facebook page (Mission Interpreters of NEPA Synod) and “like” it. Then, post photos and/or stories of how God was active in your congregation and in your life this Advent. If you do not have a Facebook page, or need help, please email Susan at revsbamburak@aol.com and she will format it for our page.

Would you like a Mission Interpreter to visit your congregation to share a story and say “thank you”? Please contact Georgia Suranofsky at georgiasuranofsky@hotmail.com or 610-703-0638.

Watch Bishop Eaton’s Message for 2020.

About the Mission Interpreters Program


Mission Interpreters—

  • Tell members of congregations the story of the ministries of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in an effective and compelling manner
  • Provide a vehicle for two-way communication between congregational members and the wider church
  • Thank the people of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod for their mission support

mordoskyBenefits to Congregations

Members are helped to look beyond the congregation and see how they are connected personally to mission and ministry around the world.

Members understand their identity as partners in the wider church, becoming strong advocates for the mission and ministry we share beyond the congregation through the synod and the churchwide organization.

“Mission-minded” congregations grow in membership and in spirit!

The Mission Interpreter Program Provides

  • Training workshops
  • Resource materials
  • Coaching
  • Networking
  • Inspiration
  • Annual gatherings to share ideas and information

georgiaatmip2Mission Interpreters Are Asked To

  • Present at least one talk per quarter. This may be a Temple Talk, Sunday school lesson, conversation with a congregation council, or other kind of presentation.
  • Communicate with congregations through newsletter articles, bulletin board announcements, updates in the worship bulletin, or other means.Serve as a resource for at least one congregation other than your home congregation.
  • Attend one training workshop and, if possible, one annual gathering per year. These gatherings enable attendees to convey ideas and experiences and to learn new ways to share stories.
  • Commit to serve in the Mission Interpreter program for two years.

Mission Interpreters Do Not

  • Raise funds.
  • Promote local activities.

For More Information, Contact (Georgia Suranofsky; 610-703-0638) or Mike Bennethum, associate of the bishop (mike@nepsynod.org; 610-266-5101).