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March 25
- Spring Justice Retreat
at St. John, Kutztown
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April 17-May 2
- Spring Cluster Meetings
Topic: Vaccinations
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May 20
- 28th Annual Convention
at Hope, Cheryville
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PV for Phebe Project

The Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America have partnered with the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL) to propose the construction of a photovoltaic solar array to serve the energy needs of Phebe Hospital. The PV for Phebe project aims to realize cash payoff of the installation costs within five years, with further savings expected up to and through the system’s 30-year lifespan. By investing funds in a photovoltaic microgrid, Phebe Hospital and its staff will not only be empowered to achieve self-reliance through solar power, but serve as a powerful model for rebuilding critical infrastructure in a resilient manner.

Phebe Project, May 2017 Update

Resolution adopted by Synod Assembly 2015

View a video on YouTube.

Read an article from the University of Minnesota Duluth