Because so many congregations are “in transition” for an extended period of time, the website lists only those congregations that are actively in transition. For more information about calls listed as “awaiting candidate” or “in study process,” please contact Bishop Zeiser. The congregation’s mission district is listed behind each congregation name and location.

Election Scheduled


Interviewing Candidate

Holy Spirit, Emmaus (Assistant Pastor) (Lehigh)
St. John, Emmaus (Lehigh)
St. Paul, Tannersville (Pocono)
St. Peter, Plainfield (Pocono)
Allegheny, Knauers (West Berks)

Awaiting Candidate

Friedens, Kempton (Stony Run) (East Berks)
St. John, Allentown (Lehigh)
Holy Trinity-Heidelberg P.C., Slatedale (Northern Lehigh Valley)
Holy Trinity Slovak, Northampton (Northern Lehigh Valley)
Union Evangelical, Schnecksville (Northern Lehigh Valley)
Zion, Northampton (Northern Lehigh Valley)
Faith, Blakeslee (Pocono)
St. John, Honesdale (Pocono)
St. Paul, Craigs Meadow (Pocono)
St. John, Auburn (Schuylkill)
Trinity, Clark Summit (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre)
St. Luke, Reading  (West Berks)

In Study Process

St. Paul, Breinigsville (Lehigh)
Calvary, Laureldale (West Berks)

In Transition

Christ, Spangsville (East Berks)
Holy Trinity, Leesport (East Berks)
Trinity, Kutztown (East Berks)
St. Luke, Freeland (Hazleton-Lehighton)
St. Peter, Mantzville (Hazleton-Lehighton)
Trinity, West Hazelton (Hazleton-Lehighton)
Jerusalem, Western Salisbury (Lehigh)
New Life, New Tripoli (Northern Lehigh Valley)
St. John, Bath (Northern Lehigh Valley)
St. John, Nazareth (Northern Lehigh Valley)
Ziegels, Weisenberg Township (Northern Lehigh Valley)
Christ United, Hamilton Square (Pocono)
St. Mark, Appenzell (Pocono)
Christ’s United, Ashland (Schuylkill)
Salem-Hetzel’s, Pine Grove (Schuylkill)
Zion (Red Church), Orwigsburg (Schuylkill)
Freidens, Bernville (West Berks)
Grace, Reading (West Berks)


Rostered Leaders

Recent Roster Changes

Heavner, Brandon M. (1st Call Candidate; ordained 11/04/2017) St. Mark, Bethlehem. 11/04/2017
Riedy, Brian S.
(1st Call Candidate; ordained 10/14/2017) Holy Trinity, Catasauqua. 10/15/2017
Cvammen, Thomas N.
(Trinity, West Hazelton) Disability. 10/01/2017
Hersch, Ryan M. (Transferring from Grand Canyon Synod) Atonement, Wyomissing. 10/01/2017
Stump, Janet A. (On leave from call) Deacon, Pastoral Care Provider, St. Timothy, Allentown. 10/01/2017
Taylor, Deborah J.
(1st Call Candidate; ordained 09/23/2017) Grace, Belfast. 09/23/2017
Blitch, David W. (New Bethel, Kempton) Salem-Belleman’s, Mohrsville. 09/18/2017
Reier, Robert C. (Chaplain, LV Hospital) Retired. 09/12/2017
Siegfried, Dody S.
(Special Service Called by Synod Council) Jordan, Orefield. 09/01/2017
Kochanski, Lori A.
(Special Service Called by Synod Council) On Leave from Call. 08/21/2017
Farnsworth, James T.
(1st Call Candidate; ordained 08/19/2017) St. Mark, Birdsboro. 08/19/2017
Schaeffer, David B.
(St. John, Nazareth) Retired. 08/06/2017
Stoneback, Laura L. 
(St. Paul, Breinigsville) Retired. 08/01/2017
Wetzel, Jay R. (St. John, Bath) Retired. 08/01/2017
Wuertele, Peggy M.
(On Leave from Call) Special Service Called by Synod Council. 08/01/2017
Houck, John E. (Holy Trinity, Leesport) Retired. 07/01/2017
Lingerfelter, Scott W. (New Life, New Tripoli) On Leave from Call. 07/01/2017
Rohrbach, Keith K. (Trinity, Kutztown) Retired. 07/01/2017
Harding, John W.
(St. Paul, Craigs Meadow) Retired. 06/11/2017
Hansen, Arnold
(Transferred from New Jersy Synod) Retired. 06/07/2017
Hammond, James R.
(On Leave from Call) St. Paul, Coopersburg. 06/04/2017
Owens, Mary K.
(On leave from call) St. Matthew United, Scranton. 06/19/2017
Frost, Michael A.
(Term call, Holy Trinity, Palmerton) Holy Trinity, Palmerton. 06/01/2017
Shreaves, Gregory B.
(Allegheny,Knauers) Transferred to Florida-Bahamas Synod. 06/01/2017
Blatt, Lauren A.
(1st Call Candidate; ordained 05/27/2017) St. Paul, Tower City. 05/28/2017 
Lengert, Kim L.
(Christ’s United, Ashland) On leave from call. 05/15/2017
White, Cindy L. (1st Call Candidate; ordained 05/07/2017) Zion, Tamaqua. 05/07/2017
Sheaves, Gregory B. (Knauers, Allegheny) Retired. 04/23/2017
Gerhart, Joy V.
(Deacon, Calvary, Laureldale) Deacon, Director of Youth & Family Ministry, St. Paul, Douglasville. 04/19/2017