Youth Leader TLC








Youth ministry directors and advisors are invited to attend Youth Leader TLC for an afternoon of Tender Loving Care on Sunday, August 17 from 2-5 PM at the Lutheran Center in Northeastern PA, 2354 Grove RD, Allentown, PA.

TLC also stands for “Thanks! Link! Collaborate!” Before the deluge of fall programming begins, join us for a day of thanking you for your ministry, linking with one another to provide mutual support, and collaborating with one another.

There are no registration forms to complete.

No permission slips or medical release forms.

We’re making this “easy-peasy” for you, so simply please RSVP by August 15 to Deaconess Deborah Graf if you intend to attend. There will be Rita’s for refreshment!

We are looking forward to meeting you and to thank you for the incredible and faithful work you do!

(Psssst! RSVP!)

Sponsored by the synod’s amazing YoYoFa Ministry Team (a.k.a. Youth, Young Adult and Family Ministry).